Akinyele – Sex in the City Lyrics

Produced By: S.B.K.

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It's another one
It'a another one

Hook - Akinyele (IN CAPS) & Christine McLean (lowercase)

I can't wait till one of us cums
Till one of us cums
Till one of us cums
Sex in the city me and you one on one
Let's see who be the first to make the other cum
Sex in the city me and you one on one
Let's see who be the first to make the other cum

(Christine McLean)
I know you like the way I'm workin my shit
I'll be that freak bitch puttin the mind on your dick
Lick a pussy push up I perfected my grip
Just watch me do tricks while you play with my clit
Wish I don't take my pillow
Hope you go down below
I know you like shit like this

Ha turn your ass around now
Look at the pillow and bow down
Keep your feet flat on the ground
Now don't make a sound
I swear it won't hurt a bit
Once I insert the dick
Cause it's all in the way we work this shit
It's your hair I pull

Giving you multiple or-gas-ums
Pass me some
Make you cum
More than one
Then I'm done
To my Haagendaas cock magnum
Start raising like rum
Son of a gun hun
There ain't a girl in this world I can't fuck for free
Ever since I dropped my last EP
Now my dick be
In the hole where she pee pee
I might get freaky
Open up my ass cheeks and let her eat me


(Christine McLean)
Better close your eyes or I'll make you come quick
I want some next shit when my friends take your dick
I could watch (?) make a lesson
Fuck me fuck the rest of them
Shook your leg while you sleep

Ha put them up in the anyl
I be liquiding like drano
Arch my back like a rainbow
She came fast I came slow
Lame ho
Same ho
Y'all know how the game go
Bitch talk shit till she get hit by man dingo
Every time I think I'm single
I go out and fuck and mingle
Push up on a girl like ringo
Get her open just like kingo's
I'm shooting the gift just like Kris Kringle
Refilling the penicyllin so when I pee it din't tingle
Ak-ne-zel go out in space fuck around
And make aliens give me head like Sam Cassell
Give a fuck
I could suck
Like vacuum cleaners
My nuts and penis
Make you come like Subpoenas
And ain't no nigga that could come between us
I'm like a A felon he just a misdemeanor
I got a oscar mayer he probably got a wiener
I got bad black bitches he got (?)
I give back shots while he take in like I'm a little wiener

Hook 3x

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