Alex Wiley – Midnight To Morning Lyrics

Produced By: Will Miller

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[Trumpet by Will Miller]

You are the one
They can't stand to see you rise above

[Verse 1: Wiley]
Thousand dollar payments
Hopped out the 'cedes
And I just told the waitress
That ima have the lobster
Bruh dont even say shit
Nobody got the paces
If you think that's yo' baby
Then you go have to watch her
Cause V-I V-I til i d-i-e

All my niggas in the bar don't need I.D
Every time you see the squad you smell the green I reek
Cause all my niggas tryna get highhh


Don't look now, but I'm going higher, higher, higher, still
Don't look down cause I'm going higher, higher, higher, still

[Verse 2: Kembe]
Midnight to the morning
Headlights in the fog
Go through hell in the summer
For paradise in the fall
Paralyzed from the fall of man
Its scary tryna picture this all abandoned
Fairy tales and images and shit we dreamed
Finna fall to the past, but dog don't panic
Its money up in that crystal ball
Bitches all, flock when they see you get in the brand new Benz
Wit the see through tints
And the balla options, they ain't shit
Now back in the day remember you was a lame
But now they look at you like you was to blame
When really

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