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Rang De.. do you have deep thoughts sometimes?
Yeah.. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things
I’ve thinking about this gig
Why are we.. doing what we’re doing right now?
Why.. do we feel the need to emote our deepest emotions and our deepest.. most.. improvisational things..
Why can’t we just keep it with ourselves?

I’m thinking about.. “swag”
Why do I keep saying it in this gig?
What is it about swag?
I don’t understand
I think.. I’ll never understand it
Like that

Yeah I’ve been thinking about all this deep ass shit
It’s ruining my flow
But I gonna think
Sometimes I have to stop feeling everything and just think with my left brain

Yeah I’m more of a right-brained person
And I have choices based on my feelings
But sometimes I have to dig deep inside of me
Sometimes I don’t really like what I see
But I think I need to think of it
Yeah I think I need to know what it is that I really have in my brain and my heart and my body

What do I really want?
What do I really want?
What do all of you really want?
What does…
Who built… Everything?

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