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Another Level:

Why do we argue
The way we do
Can't you see girl that I
I'm in love with you
And it hurts (its hurts so bad)
To see you cry(to see you sad and blue)
When Im needing you the most
But you feel (you feel some one)
When no one (will take the place of you)
Of you......


No I dont wanna be alone
No more (no more)
Do you believe in love like I do?
No I don't wanna be alone
No more (no more)
Do you believe in love like I do?

Another Level:

Don't hide the way you feel
For me no more (no more)
Just because you're miles away
Doesn't mean I'm insecure
And it hurts (it hurts so bad)
To see you cry (When I can hold you)
And your needing me the most
I feel (I feel the same)
Never change (and I'll always love you)
And I'll always Love You



Seen shorty at the club line around the block
Said I know a better place if you down we rock
Too many clowns in the spot and I don't pump like that
Let's go somewhere have a beer and a shot of Jack
And after that we can limp back to the crib
And I can show you just how bachelors live
But I'm sick of bein alone waitin for the phone
For cutie to call with a booty call Roc A Fella Ya'll

Another Level:

Don't run away from my love that you need
Don't turn away from my love you will see
You are the reason that I won't leave
And I want you to remain with me

Chorus(x3)...(Till Fade)

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