Apathy – Rhode Island Lyrics

Produced By: Teddy Roxpin

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[Verse 1: Apathy]
If I wasn't so 860, I would relocate
Sometimes, you show me love more than my own state
In Rhode Island, I became a vocalist
Did my first show ever at the Ocean Mist
Me and Sage made history at 90.3
Everybody in the world got Rapping With Apathy
Been all over the planet, when the tour's all done
In Connecticut, then slide to the 401, they say

[Verse 2: Emilio Lopez]
There ain't nothing like a summer night
In Rhode Island, especially when you're puffing right

I remember something like walking down to Skippy White's
Copped Nas's It Was Written, in '96
Go together downtown to get my Nike kicks
Little Rhody's in my soul when I write these scripts
No matter where I go, I do it on Iway
And I can't forget the Bug on the highway

[Hook: Apathy]
Shout out to Rhode Island
Where you at? Where you at?
Shout out to Rhode Island
Where you at? Where you at?
Shout out to Rhode Island
Where you at? Where you at?
Shout out to Rhode Island
Shout out to Rhode Island

[Verse 3: Apathy]
Shout out to Nadi and Chachi, my brother 8th Wonder
C-Moment, Rock Tell 'Em, and back to Funk Bunkers
J-Sonic, Mekelek, and my man Joey Beats

You could catch me up at Snookers with sleek technique
Your boy Ap's doing good, hope I made y'all proud
Man, if Curdy Cut could only see me now
Saw Sturry at Jerky's, all my crew
At one point or another, rock RIU

[Verse 4: Emilio Lopez]
Gotta say, if it wasn't for 90.3
Your boy E might not even be an MC

Got so many friends, from Prov to C-Town
It's been so long, kinda hard to speak now
You know who you are, and you know where I keep you
Keep this in mind till the next time I see you
From every flow to every show

I'll feel the Narragansett breeze till my memory goes

Oh shit!

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