Beastie Boys – Happy To Be In That Perfect Headspace Lyrics

Produced By: Mario Caldato Jr

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Like stacks of thoughts
Got tired and worn
Used over and over 'till they were tired and torn
Like a broken clock that can’t tell time
Like a thick ass book mine that’s mine
Like a band…

That’ll be fine
It’ll be fun more than fine, I think
No, I think it’ll be fun and fine
See, that’s what we’re trying to get, to get
That’s... That’s the... You’re in that place again
In that special place again. (someone burps)
Oh, I’m so happy to be in that special place again. (laughing)
I love the place I’m in
I’m in that perfect headspace again. (more laughing)
(*a small tune*) Oooh, woo, woo, woo
Don’t get in my headspace baby
Hey, Mario

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