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I can't think straight

Take a look, look at me
What you get is what you see
Ride a bike, drive a car
Vegan Pie, cut a fart
On the bus, on the train
Tami D, on the brain
Can't explain, like The Who
Now it's time to do the do
I can't think straight

On my couch with a pen
Where's the phone, again, again
Can't control rhythm, rhyme
Naked beats on the mind

I am yes, you are no
I am yes, you are no
You are no, I am yes
I can't think straight

Good Evening, ladies
My name is Roy Cormier
Uh, I like it smooth, generally
I mean, a lot of fellas, they like it raw
Personally, I prefer smooth, um, you know
I like the coconut lotion, I'm talkin’
I run a lot of productions, company productions
Uh, keepin' it on the smooth, generally
And on the regular, and uh
You know, with the coconut lotion and all
Keepin' it lovely, it's uh, you know
Nothing but love, baby, baby

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