Big Boi – Higher Res Lyrics

Produced By: Jai Paul

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[Hook: Jai Paul]
I wanna get in higher res
I wanna see it on the sick screen
I wanna get it now anytime, anywhere
I wanna put it on the five point one
I just want to get it on
I wanna get it now anytime, anywhere
I wanna get in higher res

[Verse 1: Big Boi]
1080p, now what can be clearer when your vision is blurry
Well, I say wiping away the steam up off the mirror
And bathing in the fog dog
She about this lumberjack so she gonna get this log cause
I'mma get that thundercat when I get up under that thang

Her natural habitat is a bang bang
Surrounded by the jungle, the sea, the tundra
B.I.G. stay cooler than the pussy on a penguin in the summer
Niggas in slumber, but we running this bitch and never fumbled fumble?
Fumble, hot tomato, wake up


[Verse 2: Yukimi Nagano]
Turn on, burn out, it's all about
How you wanna give it to me
I'm up, online, press send, don't rush
I know you wanna get it in


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