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I done heard it all before
Yea you jamming, but yo image need some guidance
And some diamonds cause it's more to this than rhyming
Yea I done heard it all before
We'll be travelling and flying state to state
Fucking hoes, rocking shows if you sign
Ay I done heard it all before
Ay in this game, what you claim ain't the thang
Mississippi ain't for fame, change yo name
Yea I done heard it all before
But yo talent is by far a blessing
And a gift from God but we can turn you into a star
Ay I done heard it all before

[Verse 1]
Never losing in pursuing in my vision
In my kitchen writing rhymes, pray to God that they listen
But it's a real fucked up position that this rap shit might just put you in
My partner fed up with the game, like he might sell that kush again
Cause CDs we been pushing them, but deals ain't coming fast enough
We he need to go feed his kids and this shit here ain't adding up

Passing us by, time, never waste, busy home
Sit beside by grandma, wish that I can stay
The phone ringing, promises so confident of money plays
I head back to the struggle like "they might sign me any day"
Forever trapped, no coming back, addiction's truly hard to break
A thousand pills could never fill the gap of leaving off the stage


[Verse 2]
I pride myself on being righteous, do it big and do it better
But A&R's ain't in the streets, I'm forced to follow them on Twitter
I'm painting pictures, ghetto compositions, living work of art
But dancing in a circle dressed as Urkel how you make your mark
Ay get yo star, play yo part, find yo swag, get yo deal
So you snapping, who needs rapping when you got some ad-libs?
And some days there's no choice, most days it's hard times
If skinny jeans mean big dreams, no thanks I'm just fine
In my mind, it's 'bout rhyme, I'm just tryna speak freely
My shawty feel illuminati's real and they might kill me
For voicing my opinion, scared to die but this ain't living
In these meetings they can't tell me what I'm missing


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