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[Hook: B.o.B]
My soul is getting weary, weary
And I know the ending is nearing, nearing tonight
So just say goodbye and kiss your dreams goodnight
So just say goodbye and kiss your dreams goodnight

[Verse One: B.o.B.]
So just say goodnight to your dreams
Because tonight is the night of the beast
I am not frightened, I'm delighted to speak
When the time comes, until the light we will lead
That's why I decided to B. O. to the B
So, one time for the streets
One time for all the minds hypnotized by TV
Because everything is just a spiral to me

Goodbye, say goodbye
Say goodbye


[Verse Two: B.o.B]
So get your hands up high
No, don't be shy, raise em up to the sky
Because we will survive
Yeah, storm after storm, there's still sunshine
So can you feel the vibe?
Yeah, just like yeast, I'ma make you rise
So just say goodbye
And just kiss it goodnight when the day arrives



[Break] - repeat 2X



[B.o.B.] So just say goodbye and kiss your dreams goodnight

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