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[Intro 2X: B.o.B.]
Well I live in a no man's land
I don't know where I'm going trying to gain a fan

I hold on the best that I can
Because the deeper I go the quicker the sand

[Hook: B.o.B]
Yeah, and everything, it all comes crashing down
And every deed, it all comes back around
And every thing and every single cloud
Becomes the sea and it all comes crashing down
And in the midst of everything, I drown
As the sky above comes crashing down
And in the midst of everything, I drown
As the sky above comes crashing down

[Break: B.o.B]
Sweet dreams, I hold on to
Memories, I hold on to

[Verse One: B.o.B]
I don't think they really, really understand
All the pain I feel just to make em dance
Now here I go, in the studio
Now can you feel my heart? Can you feel my soul?
That's they way that I think with every line
And I'm a be that deep til the day I die

So if you feel me now, sing one time

[Verse Two: B.o.B]
The doc said I need to take these everday
But I'd rather ride around in a chevorlet
I don't wanna pray, I don't wanna meditate
I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday
If I wanted to, I can do anything

I could rap a verse, but I think I'd rather sing
Everything comes around like a boomerang
Boomerang, rang, boomerang, rang


[Outro 8X: B.o.B]
I try to hold on, on to everything
Sweet memories, but that was yesterday

[Break] - repeat 2X over the end of the outro

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