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Produced By: The Alchemist

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[Boldy James]
It's Concreatures
Boldy Blocks
Brave and courageous in Detroit, Michigan
His grades is abrasions and 8ball hemorages
Straight shell cases, ARs, Remingtons
Spray fields and gages tear apart ligaments
Separatin' them gang starrs from gentlemen
Redecoratin' paint jobs and interior
It's serious, put the pipin' on this leather seat
Let this ? spider web in this V
Taco meat on your driver seat, split your lima bean
The four pound lama beamin' down him and gut him clean
When they visit him in trauma, full-body sling
His baby mama and his mama hollering, screaming
"My baby never hurt nobody why that fucking heathen
Boldy shoot him down, them bullets bothering his breathing"
Now every time that it rains he thinks about that evening
For heartache and pain, killers blame Concreatures

My trigger finger is itchy scratchy
Right, my middle finger it grip that maggy
Tight, my ring fingers embrace my gun
Yikes, and my pinky fingers anchor my thumbs
Strike, the thumb on my other hand click the hammer
Yup, my left index is ambidextrous
Left fuck you finger the reason I squoze
Put them gloves on, I'll teach you the meaning of Bold

[Boldy James]
I ain't superstitious but somethin' is fishy
I keep havin' dreams them officials comin' to get me
At night I can't sleep, keep switchin' to where my chips be
Cause they'll break the bank, take it all, leave you on empty

Can't make a call, they tap all into your frequencies
Invade your privacy, put The Wire on your team

Can you survive the heat, indictment sheets or affidavits
Or make a statement, ratting for an occupation
Cracking under the pressure, you less than a man
Banned from the street, your best friend in the fed

Pen out of ink from all the shit you wrote and writ
In the pens out them clinks talkin' like you on a writ
Ain't that a bitch, you done snitched

Got your partner a bid, take a cop twenty years
Still do about ten, none of his men said a word
Stayed true to the end, because he sang like a bird
They doing Jupiter years


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