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Yes Scott La Rock you know you rule hip-hop
Yes Mr. Lee you can rule hip-hop
357 you can rule hip-hop
But, KRS-One rule it non-stop
When I'm in Brooklyn, yes, me ruling hip-hop
When I'm in Manhattan, me ruling hip-hop
When I'm in Queens, me ruling hip-hop
And when in Staten Island me ruling hip-hop
But in the Bronx, me ruling y'all tonight
But in the Bronx, me ruling y'all tonight

We come to rock you whether you're black or you're white
Cause KRS-One you know I'm never fright
Come catch this, star

The girlies is free cause the crack costs money
Oh yeah!
I say the girlies is free cause the crack costs money
Oh yeah!

[Verse 1]
Riding one day on my freestyle fix
Jamming to a tape Scott La Rock had mixed
I said to myself "This tape sound funky"
Riding past a 116th Street junkie
Thought I saw Denise but I was only assuming
Took another look and that butt was booming
Did a little trick on my freestyle fix
And I was right beside the girl, she was all on the tip
She said "Hi, DJ KRS"
She kissed me on my neck so I gave her a peck
She said "I'm really in a hurry so I cannot wait
If you give me a lift, while we ride we'll debate"
She jumped on my bike, I said "Huh, what's your stop?"
She said "Right around the corner to the crack spot
If you buy me a crack I'll know how to act
But if you don't, you might as well step back"
I said "Now how the hell we jump off to this?
I'm doing you a favor, I'm giving you a lift"
She said "KRS, you know it go"
I said "Yeah, you little... it seems that you're a ho"
I did a little trick on my freestyle fix
And she was right on the ground looking after it


[Verse 2]
A girl tried to take me out one day
For a play, not your everyday trey
We walked to the spot, she says she want a rock
I looked in my pocket, didn't have a lot
I said... "You better get yourself a job"
She tried to tell me that times were hard
I told the ho, I said "Yo, that's not my fault
You need a vault", I'm out to assault
Any girl I find who try to take me for mine
I'm gonna have to finish this another time


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