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Jahlil Beats, holla at me!

[Verse 1]:

I do better when it's crunch time
Niggas mad cause my money long like the lunch line
I'm here for now and forever
Always at my best, even under pressure

Went from eating Ponderosa to Mister Chow dinners
Girls never wanted to stay but now I'm kicking out bitches
I'm the motherfucken illest, when you see me salute me
Tell promoters in advance it's a hundred thou to book me
The world waiting on my shit to drop
And when it do my shit gonna be the only thing to cop
Haaaaaaaaaa. Bitch I beg your pardon
This ain't no Jag, it's an Aston Martin
Ya'll motherfuckers don't get me started
I came from the bottom, now I'm at the top

It's so hot, from way up here
And I'm tired of coming up short
I'm going for album of the year
Wayne at the 1, I'm running to 2
I see Drizzy on the way, but Nikki gonna shoot

I'm getting bored with this rap shit, it's gotten to easy
And these niggas do their thang but they ain't like Bow-weezy
And I do it, I do it, I do it to the fullest
Keep a Bow white bitch, yep I'm talking Sandra Bullock
And I'm all over the radio, I'm topping every chart
Andy Warhol of rap, I'm a fucking work of art
I got these bitches going crazy
They like 'damn Bow, you grown up'

Now I'm begging women just to leave up out my tour bus
Smoking OG, you know what we smoke
Riding in Ferrari's before I was old enough to vote
Underrated on the way, I'm just striving for perfection
And Perfection's probably throwing like ten thousand in my section
And I'm flexin', not so big, I can barely vote it
And they know the flow hotter than papa bear porridge
Fuck these niggas, fuck them haters
You know my motto, get that paper

Yeah no wonder ain't nobody fuckin' with me now
I'm on now, now, ballin' hard like Ken Griffy
When you make it to the top, they waitin' on you to drop
Looking like we won the game all these bottles that we pop
B-bottles that we pop
When you make it to the top, they waitin' on you to drop
Looking like we won the game all these bottles that we pop

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