Bun B – B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast) Freestyle Lyrics


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The Trill O.G. is in the building, A.K.A Mr. 5 Mics
Trill Nation, Team Trill stand up
II Trill Entertainment is on deck
Trill Gladiators cocked & loaded

Free Big Meech, free Larry Hoover, let's go!

I think I'm Pimp C, Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, they killed 'em all
Trill Nation, under me, you lookin' for the Trill O.G. then I'm the one to seek

[Verse 1]
My mink coat is triple white, I'm showin' man
When bitches on the track, work 'em like I'm Sweet James
Trill O.G., that's my nickname
Known to let my nuts hang, and they big, man

I think I'm Tony Snow, I got all the blow
Your bitch's number in my phone but I don't call a ho
She sell her pussy on the track, bring me all her doe
Then she get all of yours, and bring me all of yo'
Now that's that pimp shit, that mack game

You got that Young Money, but you ain't Mack Maine
I'm Gudda Gudda, you can ask Gudda Gudda
Got them gladiators with the choppers, that butter cutter


[Verse 2]
These motherfuckers mad they 5 Mic'd me
Hatin' so bad, make 'em wanna fight me

I think I'm 2Pac, look at my new Glock
It's a fully auto, hit you with two shots

I'm old school, I'm new new
I got some old too, I got some new too
I got some old fool, I got to you too

Askin' how I did it, I'm the motherfuckin' truth, dude
I get the 5 Mics, you say The Source ain't shit
If your favourite would have won, would you have said the same shit?

This for them fake niggas, for them real niggas
Middle fingers in the sky if you a trill nigga


You lookin' for the trill O.G. then I'm the one to seek!

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