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Verse 1

Behold the dramatic; lyrical fanatic with a cynical status
Like a hacked Facebook here is a free left hook to the face you can have it
I cruise through your hood reeking havoc on my carpet like Aladdin
Mad is you ‘cause I soar above the stratus
I make the peeps jump so high it shatters their shin
Look at these other rappers run like they saw a shark fin
Lord protect me in every conflict I be in
Then when I’m done wash me clean of all my sins
Laid on your back here comes the pin
1 2 3 I’m in it for the win
If you get money making it rain, I make it hurricane
Once I spit I’m an animal that can’t be tamed
It’s your funeral son, the end of your tale
So many black suits you’d think H&M had a blowout sale
You’re worthless this verse served my purpose
You laying in the back as I drive the hearse off this cliff

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