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Produced By: Bang

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[Verse 1: Cam'ron]
How I get robbed in Cali, I be with Cali thugs
Got mobbed in Cali, yeah, that Cali love

Come on chatter mouth, have my bling black is out
Stick me what that about, I was the only rapper out
Beverly, Foxhill, Roscos, swap meet
Slausson, Crenshaw, Compton, we not sweet
Like I'm chump change, Jimmy with his dun game
I'm fun aim, LAX gun range
White load the felly fell, holla at the kid proper
If somethin happen, skip rappin, they'll be big choppas
Ghetto byrd word, cause I keep the big choppa
No disrespect, niggas killed Big Poppa
The Williams sister, Romeo from Steve Harvey

Got the drop, get the drop, no please sorry
Got weed on me, no need guard me
I'm what you need probably, I teach robbery

[Hook: Jim Jones]
We ride in that east side
Please roll up my weed high
We ride in west side
The city were them techs fly
That dirty dirty south side
Midwest uptop when we outside
But we ride in that eastside
So please roll up my weed high

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]
My momma always told me aim for the sky
So I, came out bangin and aiming at guys
It was, mainly slangin that caine by the pies
And the, fiends was payin for dangerous high
Blow, peep and ammonia, we mix it down
There's no sleep on the corner, the pitching mound
And police, when the saw us they frisked us down
We hold heat, marijuana, they lick it down
So tell Bloomberg it's a wrizzy
I take it back to '88 and move birds though my city
G.W. Bridge, New Jers with the pizzy's
28 a key, the suburbs, they get busy
And fuck the phones, get the word by mouth
When the winter roll around, know the birds fly south (Miami)
And fuck the cops, got hella folks up in prison
Had no other option but to sell coke for a living


[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Dope man, Smoke man, O's float the coast damn
No coke and postman, slow jams, cokeland
Throat jams, throw grams, no maams
Sell white throw tan, tell her (ill holla)
Watch the kid from 140 bake
They say shorty straight
28 grams, Turn 4 48
?? ?? bought the cakes
?Lore? off of 4 to 8
All I do ignore the jake tell her (ill holler)
I still bubble o's, still double those
Still double my double down in the double o
From the CEO, love gets sent to them
Akron, Springfield, Cleveland, Cincinnati
That's Detroit, Minnesota, Greenpoint
Naptown, Sactown, The Lou gots some mean joints
We orangutan it, ?Durange? bang it
I'm strangly ganged
Like Pac I'm Gang Related (holla)


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