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Produced By: The Entreproducers

[Verse 1]
It don't make no sense
Tell me how you make a percept but not make a percent
I bet a lot of people think I'm upset

But I ain't playin defense, Im more playin the cut and duck taping ya vents
We cutting off ya breathing supply

They say I gotta greedy mind with the green in my eyes
It's the fire that keeps a lot of people inspired
I can't lie its America I need to survive, The Wizard of Oz
Trynna live my life behind the plasma

Electromagnetic space started clashing
Road to go, got me caught up with the
An we blowing out smoke like ectoplasm
I told her make the neck romantic
Move like the Phantom when we shift through Manhattan
My slimes caught a airplane now we radioactive
We coming for New York like the Jets did to Madden

I gotta do it for my team
My third eye beam say it's not what it seems
Niggas trynna get too close ya mean, but I'm clean
That's why they can't touch my steez

So tell me what you know about Steelo x4

[Verse 2]
Started off kind of scary though, yo Pro peep the scenario
We had the caps fire, and the shrooms like Mario
This peach sumchin was trynna shake her tail
You could tell that I wasn't really funking with the smell
She had a appeal but the pill had her slipping
Fly nigga with a wingspan, cyaan pay attention
My niggas bong ripping so of course we all tripping
Four hits, I started dozing off for a minute
And then I went back to the vision
Of when I seen how they had black in division
Can't crack through the system, that's why they got crack through ya system

An now we got the matrix hacked with precision
An thats a new flow for all you putos
Trynna compare fools gold to Acapulcos
Beast Coast synchroed then they see growth
Say they can't post but they gon move slow


[Verse 3]
The root chakra rasta Mufasa
Load the 47 and watch him shoot blocka!
This nigga Sanchez ordered two lobsters
The chicken salad comes with a soup or a pasta
Dig in we pig out, back to the pig pen
We got the green so light it up like Big Ben
In my opinion she trynna get poked like a pen
And she know I got the stroke like pinyin
That's my ancient technique

You got a king, use them sacred bed sheets
A dirty ragamuffin I ain't changin til next week
We astro-projected and I gave her the best sleep
Now that's my part time freak
The way she shape shift I should call her my Sheik
Fuck them other bitches I dont keep them on a leash
Unless we takin long walks on the beach


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