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[Verse 1: Careless]
A mother lost her child, I tried to ease her pain
Told her it was gods will, she felt the same
It's not fair, having to see your child die
But at least he's now under Gods watchful eye
It wasn't anyones fault, natural causes
Yet she still feels like she could have stopped it
Somedays she feels like giving up
Like her life isn't worth enough
The pain she's felling is to much to handle
Trying to remember her baby, picture and a candle
A vigil on her mantle
Missing her little an-gel
She's sitting in her room just crying
Saying it's her fault but knows she's lying
Because when her baby died a little of her did too
You wouldn't know if it's never been experienced by yo

[Verse 2: Careless]
As a Father he tried to hold back his sadness
Alone on the dark thinking about the madness
His own son, his baby, dead
No matter how much he thought he couldn't get it through his head
Twenty four earlier he held him
He was alive, he still felt him
In his arms as he rocked the child slowly
As gentle as he could so he
Could lay the baby down to sleep
Hoping he wouldn't awaken if he heard a peep
He's in the child's room wondering why
Asking God how he could claim his own sons life
Saying "Just one last kiss, one last hug"
If I can have that it would be enough
To ease my pain and my hurt
But now my baby's under six feet of dirt
Because when his baby died a little of him did too
You wouldn't know if it's never been experienced by you

[Verse 3: Careless]
A child lost his brother, he felt the pain of his father and mother
He was to young to understand, but knew he was above Earth
God and his brother were both in the sky
His parents said he was gone but wouldn't say die
They wouldn't say why, but he was in a better place
The child was young but had sadness in his face
To the child, he wasn't just a brother but also a friend
Nothing would happen to him, it was his job to defend
His brother that he loved so dearly
Knowing he would never see his brother made the boys eyes teary
Because when his brother died a little of him did too
You wouldn't know if it's never been experienced by you

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