Carmine – Share Your Prescription Lyrics

Produced By: Nascent & QB

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It's like 200 pair
280 a fucking bottle
Too many bitches talk and too little that fucking swallow
I'm mixing up a concoction, concentrate that'll solve it all
That'll slow all of this shit, shit like constipation, I been waiting
So long, so long, to the headaches and the old lawns
Greener grasses as if, glaucoma, prescription glasses
Diplomas for skipping classes, learning math and macking hoes
It's like Johnson, Johnson, made coke and they sold it to the average nose
Cause I'm dope and nobody knows
Well your bitch and her body knows
Cause she's moving it like a foreclo-sure I'll take a sip
Life is what you make of it
Put it in gear in a Bentley GT Continental, breakfast shit
Cooking like a based god necklace
Hova on the chain, chain
Illuminati pictures in my brain, brain
Bang, bang, bang
Where the hell's this from?
I need another glass of this the last of this is gone
And this shit in my system baby
I won't pass a piss test lady
If I share my wisdom would you share your prescription
Or maybe
Pour some in my cup and cut all of this bullshit out
Everything is moving I hardly can see your mouth, whoa

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