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[Verse 1]
No box-ins, we show-stoppin
These synths, the closest thing I go pop with
These drugs will have all the girls poppin'
Pop this girl after that I have you topless
No conscience, came in straight bombin'
Next morning see her laid in like an omlette
Wake her up, have that girl give us all massages
3 girls, 3 homies, call that shit collages

Young Veggies, 2012 on my 30 thousand
Girls wilding, her engine revving
She can drive up a mountain
Talking mountains, I'm never going down
I stay on top of my game, hold chains and it's getting cloudy

Everything fa sho, you already know
We was about to blow, kept that on the low
She usually thrown, today she trynna dro
Excited cause she with us, told her let's go

Stacking money, right now
Tell them niggas quiet down (x2)
Verified niggas, everything official (x4)

[Verse 2]
Aw man, the boys in, let's get these M's
The way I gas, on these tracks, call never end
I be pullin money in, this time I won't spin
Might pull up on you in a Benz
That girl think she know me but I got enough friends
Size 11 J's, but all my chicks tens
My ex gon' stay cause I need my revenge
Got these Gucci shades but I keep her in my lens

Carve that shit out so you know I'm gonna spend
500 cash like L Boog did
I got all this shit to say, why would I hold it in
Never miss my free throws and shit
These hoes, I be over it
You know I be going in


[Verse 3]
I'm a young stunna, most y'all one under
Tell her she can choose, no she don't want one us
Super Soaker flows and I'm shining every summer
Stupid I suppose: chasing girls not money

Stacking money, right now
Tell them niggas quiet down (x2)
Verified niggas, everything official (x8)

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