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[Hook - Pimp C sample] - 2X
I-I get tore up, I-I get tore up under city lights
Tore up every city, I get tore up under city lights
I-I get tore up, I-I get tore up under city lights
Tore up under city lights, tore up under city lights

[Chamillionaire talking over Hook]
Okay, yeah, hold up
King Koopa baby
Still slidin, uh
Under city baby

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
They said you can't take money with you, so it ain't no need to save it
I'm burning Ben Franklin like he asked to be cremated
Don't congratulate it, if you hate it before I made it
While you haters was born, so it's a happy belated
Wonder why I'm here, I saw a trail and then I blazed it
Good at what I do cause every move is calculated
Learn to watch my cash if any chick that I done dated
Those who tried to play me look at my life in amazement
Look up to the Lord and I pray to stay as real as me
Cause all the rest don't keep it real, forever R.I.P. to C
How many times that they told me they was gonna get at me?
Bet it never happened just like Magic Johnson's HIV
Your girl remindin me of Carlton tryin to do that dance
"Jump on it, jump on it", what ya girl do when she zip my pants

First I flip my mixtape grands, then I got a big advance
Then I made that Caddy dance (tore up, I-I got tore up) and they like "mannn!" (mannn)
Hold up


(Mixtape Mechanic ...)

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