Chief Keef – Charlie Sheen Freestyle Lyrics

Produced By: DJ Hustlenomics

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Sosa, Sosa, Sosa

That cash well, I gotta get it
I be kush smokin yeah I admit it
I was born with this shit nigga
So pussy nigga I'm dyin with it
What's up with all these square niggas (fuck niggas)
And they don't wanna be L's now
Keep ya head up, it's war time
And on your block you can't sell now
Guns sing like Kellz now
Deliver bullets thats mail time
We got hang time and smoke time
We ain't got time for jail time
Start tons a shit thats drill time
And with this hammer get nailed down
And we took our connect down
He ain't got shit to sell now
I'm Sosa, I'm Sosa
Bitch I dun told ya
She on me like holsters
And on her wall are my posters
I do drugs. (PERIOD)
Pop beans and sip lean
Smoke kush no regg dawg
And ¿'nemie well enties'?
Is stay out in traffic, bitch I ain't no house nigga
Don't care bout no bitch nigga
Money be my spouse nigga
Sosa make the party rock, standin' on a couch nigga
It's OTF three times, and three fingers I'm out nigga

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