Chino XL – No Damn Good For Me (Scarlet Intro) Lyrics

Produced By: Lounge Lizzards

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I know why you're mad at me
Cause I'm everything you wanted to be
It's terrible and sorry to see
Now you hate me cause I'm free
That's how I know
You're no damn good for me

(You fucking liar
Rot in Hell
I fucking hate you
You never deserved me
You don't matter
You piece of shit
Cheating whore
No-good woman)

Now every time I see you these days
You're in a get-a-rich-man craze
It seems to be a thirty-year phase
I'd love to spit right in your face
That's how I know
You're no damn good for me

(Stop calling
Fucking groupie
I'm laughing at you
I hope you die
I'm doing great
Ask your sister
Lose my number
No-good woman)

You told me that I'd never make it
Your momma said I'd never be shit
Now I'm touring all over the world
Your friends laughing at you and you're pissed
And that's how I know
You're no damn good for me

(I never loved you
I don't want you
It wasn't worth it
You're disgusting
Fucking idiot
I should have slapped you
I wish we never met)

I feel bad for my best friend
Now he's going through the same things
Sleeping on the couch, sucks to be him
Look at that bitch and say
That's how I know
You're no damn good for me

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