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I rhyme rhyme, that's why I shine shine
And you can roll anyone of my shows
No lights in my bag no eye sight
I gotta keep on rhyming man
So I keep on shining man

I ain't gonna be a one hit wonder
I am forever, call me diamond man

I've been talkin' 'bout my new diamond rings
Because my new diamond rings they're the shit

Oh oh oh you've been talkin' 'bout my new diamond rings
Because my new diamond rings
They're what's in

And if you're looking at me
You gon' be looking at them

Cause there the swagger that you see in my walk
And if you're listening to me
You gon' be listening to them
Cause they're the slick that you hear in my talk

Hit me one screen, West End
(flawless) shine like I'm a girl's best friend (diamonds)
Girls see me and scream cause I'm on the tv
But I still take walks in my ends

14 when I entered the game
All I wanted was a little bit of fame (just a bit)
And now I'm fuckin with the grown-ups
Go mad like shit I forgot my age

Oh Chipmunk you're so cute
I'mma call you the diamond yute
And my rings got so many carats
And you usually call this rabbit food

And the sales is custom made
No water involved, I pay
Good lord I remember the days
I pray for Roland Cartier


Eh uh see I'm such a classy guy (yeah I know)
Designer shades hide my eyes
I know lord, with a face like mine
How the hell could I be camera shy

I make it look easy man
But that don't mean it's easy man (no it ain't)

Got my middle finger up to the world
With a ring on the thing cause I froze my hand

Yeah in that position, right back clear your position
I'm everything you're not, you work I'm the boss
I reverent run this man
I could turn your house into mine
And I could turn your girl into mine (one time)

I'mma stay in my grind you could be in my life
And never let a nigga take my shine


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