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Yeah, ya know
It’s Chris Webby, uh (brim low)

[Hook: Smokahantas]
When we rollin’ in the whip after rollin’ up the piff
And we all gon’ get in free
Then I fill myself a cup, lean back with a dutch
Burn it down till it’s hard to see
I’ma keep my brim low low low low low low low low
And ain’t nobody gon’ be botherin’ me, no one botherin’ me
So I’ma keep my brim low

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
I keep my brim low, nobody seein’ me
I got a dutch rolled full of the greenery
Hoppin’ out the scenery and spittin’ the best
So hot you’ll melt like the wicked witch of the west

Yes, and then we rollin’ up a fat one
Joint papers up in the wallet, I always have one
Keef on the bowl pack, we gettin’ high now
Brim low, pull the fitted to my eyebrows
Draggin’ on a dutchie, I’m in my own zone
O-Z of Sour D and that homegrown
I don’t fuck with no middies, just that headies
Twist it in a blizzy, now we gettin’ dizzy
Crack open a 40
Then roll yourself another we gon’ party till the mornin’
That’s how we get it goin’
, Chris Webby
Number one supporter of that THC

My veins run green from all this weed
I’m so damn high I can barely even see
But I’m still burnin’, take another pull

Wash down an Adderall with a Red Bull
Now I got my energy and I’m still blasted
Marijuana makes life so fantastic

It is more than a habit, it is an addiction
Can’t imagine one day when I’m not twistin’

Brain moves slow, but I don’t care
Every blunt was worth it, nothin' else compares

Mary Jane you are my baby, I’ll take you as my lady
Until you take that last brain cell and I go crazy
Everything I been through, ain’t know what to do
My first resort was turnin' to you, and now I’m burnin’ with you

Go n’ roll them windows up, now puff puff pass that lovely dutch


Keep my brim low
I’ma keep my brim low
I’ma keep my brim low
I’ma keep my brim low (low low low low)
I’ma keep my brim low (low low low low)
I’ma keep my brim low (low low low low)
I’ma keep my brim low (low low low low low low low low)


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