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[Verse 1]
Basement lifestyle
Feels like we're in Kingston
The heat is melting off my dress (dress) yes (yes), yeah
Sneaking kisses all up on my collarbone
Baby, let me love me long long long long time

Ooh I love it when, when you touch me like that
You know I'm gonna, gonna do it right back
Adrenaline rushing right to your head head yeah yeah yeah

Uh you make my heart bam-ba-dam-dam
Dance to the beat to my drums slow wine
Push up, push up baby one one
Yeah yeah yeah Mr. Valentine
You been got me blacka blacka blacka
On my back slow shots oh my
Push up, push up like a dump trunk
Yeah yeah yeah Mr. valentine

Yeah yeah yeah baby (Mr. Valentine)

[Verse 2]
Siente caliente, like the sun is in here
Don't matter, we look better
Wet wet sweat sweat yeah
Aruba to Cuba
I see you in my future
What you see is what you get get get get yeah

[Bridge & Hook]

You make every day
Feels like it's February
Melting like chocolate
You come with many cares
Love your whole package
I can't wait, I can't wait to unwrap it
Like like like it

You can have it all
Cogerlo todo
Take what you want

Dancing all night long
Bailando bailando
Take what you want


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