Chuck Inglish – Legs Lyrics

Produced By: Chuck Inglish

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[Hook: Chromeo]
I've been searching, for a long time
For somebody that could shake me down like you
Now I've been lost for a minute, but now I'm gonna find
Somebody that can freak me the way you used to do

[Chromeo & Chuck Inglish]
But she gotta have
Legs, legs, legs, legs, she gotta have
Legs, legs, legs, legs, she gotta have
Legs, legs, legs, legs, she gotta have
Legs, legs, legs, legs

[Verse 1: Chuck Inglish]
Look girl, it's your world
The right dress, doo wop pearls
Tall heels, a new purse
Hella bands, you wanna flirt
She wanna dance, she wanna twerk
Drop down and get your eagle on girl
Aye, what motivates me
That curve, like a lower case d

I see that thing maybe
Got the thigh high stockings rockin' right above the knee
Daisy Duke jeans, said a few things

(Chuck can you tie my swim suit strings)
Uh, I feel you though
Can't blame you baby, we can get it to go
Hold on, hold up, car phone, call up
Let's go baby but I gotta let you know


[Verse 2: Chuck Inglish]
Walked past, white pants
Her too, short dress
Long legs, soft skin

Walk in part of me get to talking
Outside in the lot where we parked
Hopped in, dropped the top, pushed start

And we off, she wanna get down at the party (Disco!)
She wanna cat walk like a model (In Vogue!)
Sounds like the right damn song
Hit the dance floor baby get your dance on
Shorty got a body that I wanna put my hands on
Call Chromeo up let's make a leg song


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