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Do You Believe In Yeezus?
Because I Believe In Yeezus
Do You Believe You are a God
Because I Believe I Am a God
Brothers and Sisters Welcome to the New Age
Where you my brothers and Sisters are the New Slaves
The forces of oppression seek to keep you down
They have running around like mad
But are you getting anywhere?
Are you receiving any reward for your labor?
They only give you crumbs
And tease you with their riches
You are their laboratory rat
They put you through marketing experiments
They manipulate your body mind and soul
And they will not let you have your God Given Right
My Brothers and Sisters
Some of us have had enough of this
And my brothers and sisters
Yeezus has had enough of this
He is going to free us of our bonds
And usher us into a New Age
Where we all control our own destinies
This day of tyranny and oppression is near its end
A brighter future is dawning if you open your eyes and look
You Are a God
Now let us break free of this slavery
And Live Life As It Should Be!

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