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[Unchain Me]

Save me


She wanted me to build a monumental love for her
I restarted a million times her mind was not made up at all

We chose a stone in the city mostly for the view
And I don't know who can hear me
But I'm waiting for you to


Unchain me
The chain feels loose
Girl it's too far
Unchain me
Unchain me to you
And take this too far

Save me



They wouldn't help you oh no
They just let you fall down

When it was time to go to war
There was no one around

I'm down to move the world
But I'm down to keep it still

If you need time to chill but


What are we waiting on, we got love right
To put up a fight for peace and these ease
We just need these free things just
Love and love and love

You'll see
Believe in love

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