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[Verse 1: Colin Munroe]
I might fly and lose it all
I'll be a cannonball
Maybe you'll walk away, oh
Maybe you'll walk away
Set me up and light me off
I'll be a cannonball
But maybe I'll walk away, oh
But maybe I'll away

[Hook: Colin Munroe]x2
I'll be a cannonball

[Verse 2: Drake]
Yeah, alright
Look, like my big bro say I'm goin' in
Olympic pools of money I’m just glad I learned to swim
Cannonball, bitch, I hope the divin' board's sturdy

And I hope when dinner's cold my niggas do not desert me
Ha, and these haters like damn 'em
I gave a lot of women they first ride in the Phantom
And yeah I got a deal now and I'm secure with it
And yet my life is so excitin' I get bored with it
I'm the best one outta my peers
And everybody pray I'm runnin' outta ideas
Pass my Moselys it's all so bright
And I'm the result of when it all goes right
So many pictures man the flow is a collage
Critics have a hard time pointin' out the flaws
All this slick talk, I just hope I don't fall
Right out of the sky through the roof of your garage
I'm a...

[Hook: Colin Munroe]x2

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