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Produced By: Surf Club

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Spit that clean shit
Hand sanitizer my saliva
Niggas thinking they bitches in the blind
But she got her on mind to follow

Decision easily made, one of these don’t belong
Me and four lames on the same page

Alco fresh out the paint shop
Polo green krsipy kreme glazed clear coated

8 times over high roller stoned rolling half way home
Until I realized I left my phone by this shone
I was just boning

Slipping on my pimping gotta get back to her crib before she realize what I did
And go to finger picking
Trying contact my other women
Shit them hoes do when they feel like they entitled to position

That’s why I play them close but from a distance
If you can dig it
Damn near in love with all them hoes when im wit’em
But once I put on my clothes, spray my cologne
Doddy ? for the front door
Jet life jet wise respect I got to go
I’m on hustle like a mole
On hustle like it’s dope
On hustle like it’s coke
I’m on hustle like a mole
On hustle like it’s dope
On hustle like it’s coke


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