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[Verse 1]

Money spending liquor spilling straight up out the bottle

I done lost my head -- like I'm out in Sleepy Hollow

You can have it all and still come up hollow

In the steel lies the hollows alcoholic empty bottles

Middle of the Ghetto, where we hustle full throttle

And you only live once -- a way of life, and not a Motto

Girls shaking that cake. Cake -- to fill up dinner plates wait

The almighty dollar won't let her hesitate

Living in the Ghetto, where the Grey Goose® imported

And these hoes really hoopties, but they feelin' like Porsches®

And we caught up this the street affair the law want to extort us

Instead of education, we say "fuck it." -- buy some Jordans™!

Have a lot of babies 'cuz it make us feel important

Royal ain't my bloodline, this ain't the Wheel of Fortune®!

Caught up in your love affair? No, think I'm aborting

I guess its just back to the basics I'm resorting

All concrete -- no paradise or resorting

Just hotels with trash all on the floor and I'm probably more caught up in the lust than caught up in the lux

I guess "royal" just ain't for us, huh?

[Hook] (featuring Odissius)

And every Hood like:

Bentley®, Benzo, Baggies® in the bathroom

Gunshots, blood stains, all we want is street fame

We don’t care -- They got us caught up in this cash affair

And every Hood like: Bentley®, Benzo, Baggies® in the bathroom

Gunshots, blood stains, all we want is street fame

We don’t care -- They got us caught up in this cash affair

[Verse 2]

Met her out in London but she wanna visit Cali, where the sun is overflowing and the beach is over crowded

And she wish the world was colorblind like Juicy J & Miley but them Bandz A Make Her Dance -- she twerking like she on molly

Hot as ATL sippin' Parrot Bay®; she Polly

Paris perfect picture, but she rather see Miami

She go both ways -- she be looking for a mami

Well, in between London & Florida is where you'll find me

Chicago cold as North West in the Jesus piece of Kanye

Toronto cold as bikinis when Beyoncé with Blue Ivy

Blazing on Afghan in Amsterdam that be my hobby

You can catch me in the capitol of PA with my posse

It wouldn't be the same with out dem Puerto Rican papis processing the cane so the stash'll get sloppy

Vanilla ice up in my chain for Kings that claim they cocky

When I say that I'm a threat boi, these Niggas better watch me -- if you don't pay attention over night ya fans got me

And I don't need an Audemars -- these Niggas gone watch me


[Verse 3]

Kendrick claim he King?

Bet I switch up the tempo

I'm an East Coast beast 'bout two hours away from Temple

Only crown that he possess is a hat from Sacramento

Two shots to the temple -- bet I switch up his mental

T.I.'s crown up in the casket, another one gone

Two guns, two Kings -- I'm bustin' like James Bond

Piercing 'em like Bronson for foolin' 'em with your con!

We execute kings like the bull, Sean John...

R.I.P. past Kings:

James Snipes "Green King"

Even Elvis® had a Love Jones with Bling Bling

Bernie Mac a classic like Mike Jack'

They killed 2Pac & BIG -- can't bring em back

Wish I had The King 45 spin 'em!

Prince paved ways

Aretha -- reason we winning

Kings & Queens put up a fight!

If "royal" is wrong, then I ain't Write

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