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[Verse 1]
An eagle soars as the people fall
However, he ignores

All your feeble wars
He will steal a horse
Speed the steed across

Clean between your forces
And beat them all
In a free-for-all

These scenes of gore
Are nothing but another bit of heathen lore

From Florentine streets to Venetian waters
The whispers persist of a secret order
And whether or not you believe, it's all good
Either way I'll proceed; keep wreaking trauma

You're never making Connor fall
I never honour laws
When I'm on a warpath

My tomahawk's
Always responsible
For an onslaught

Of monstrous proportions
You're a goner, fool
Done for
Humans I hunt for

Dropping through the roof
Never knocking on the front door

What, you want more?
Or do you want war?

I've been around for longer
Than Rob Faulkner

And now I'm gonna
Run up on a futhamucking armed gunner
Pull a Stone Cold Stunner
And I've done a runner
Quicker than a bullet from a gun

And once again I'm under cover
Repping for the Brotherhood
Stepping like no other could
Uppercutting any threats
I never take another look

I'm an assassin
One with a passion
For innovative rapping
Dropping so fast
You're probably having
A problem to follow the captions
Said I'm an assassin
One with a passion
For innovative rapping
Dropping so fast
You're probably having
A problem to follow the captions

[Verse 2]
I combat colonialism
While owning a rhythm

I know the world doesn't owe me a living
So throw me a bone
And I'll cause pandemonium with it
Ignoring Newtonian physics
Forget opprobrium
Critics'll go with baloney below
To the same place I take fakes
Phoneys and mimics
No need for gimmicks
Cynics only need a mo with my lyrics
Do you need me to explain that
I'm lyrically spraying it
Sharper than the tip of any bayonet

I pack a hidden blade and I make you lay on it
Whether minutemen or redcoats
It'll only take a minute at the very most
'til they're both dead, ghosts
I dead both

Behead foes
'til stocks and shares in lead rose
From Boston to New York

Soul of an eagle
Aloft in a true hawk
And as I move through the frontier
The truth becomes clear
The future calls, I'm done here
I've just got another little task
And I won't tell
If you don't ask



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