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When it's hot, you need another drink
What you think? A nigga gonna do, go outside
Smoke a blunt in the car and come back
And get some love in the club

[Verse 1]
I see a lot of hoes, they all on my dick
Bunch of player haters wanna front for a bitch
If a bitch want to fuck me, then let her do her thing
Just step the fuck back, and let her give me brains

I'm insane like Hussein
It's like I got two brains
See my shoe game
Hate them shit's butane, y'all niggas too lame
My bill game like poontang
Nine niggas on a track like Wu-Tang
Shoot like a two guard from Tulane
Big Ving Rhames niggas at the door
Like, like, like, you rang? No need for ID
Walk straight past security, they don't search me

Put three numbers in my phone 'fore I reach VIP


[Verse 2]
On the block, and on the street
They keep banging, they keep banging them trees
No seeds in my cigarillo, we be blacker than Romillo
Tasting like Sugar Hills, let me pop another pill
Silver eighteen hundred
Kryptonite, yep, yep, yep, I'm on it
No not Superman you can call it X-Clan
Black red and green to see
All my bitches eat pussy like Missy
But they look like Chrissy
From Three's Company,
roll another blunt for me
Smoke so much weed like I'm tryna lose my memory
Like I'm tryna smoke away my mad thoughts
Blunt gave 'em up, a bit too bad go
She wanna hit it, and I do too
I ain't talking 'bout the weed bitch, I'm talking 'bout you


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