De La Soul – WRMS' Dedication to the Bitty Lyrics

Produced By: De La Soul & Prince Paul

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SQUIRREL: We've just played fifteen minutes of commercial free music
Of course you're listening to WRMS FM, and we
Play nothing but De La Slow music.
We're coming up on the hour of ten
O'clock. It's a full moon, and perfect night
For lovers. We're about to do something we don't usually do, and
That's... we'll I'll show you

BITTY: Hello, hello, who's this?

SQUIRREL: Squirrel

BITTY: Hi! Listen, I don't have a lot of time, my name's Mizuna, I'm
On my dinner break from Burger King and I just
Called to tell you that I love your new radio station, I love
Everything you guys do

SQUIRREL: Thank you. And with that, the next song is just
For you. And when you go back tell all the Burger King
Honeys that if they want to call and talk to me, just call
WRMS. See ya

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