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Too late and Ima just be myself
Cause Ima go getter never stop this dreaming and we go....

[Verse 1]
When one opportunity comes, the other one goes
Like Mayweather you just gotta stay up on your toes
Bitches don’t understand the game that I am still playing
You know what I'm saying, I'm just tryna play it real cool

A lot of people ego driven and just leaving the school
I can't live in the now because the future awaits
Different state, different weed, different thing affecting my fate
It's(too late too late in getting small)
And that’s just the motherfucken fact of the matter
Craving some head even if this bitch keeps getting fatter
Cause this is life, nothing is ever guaranteed
Does anybody have my motherfucken marijuana seed?
Damn I can't find it anywhere, this shit is unfair
Looking through my problems and they say Ima get her
Tryna build myself to be better
Flexible and consistent and
Relevant and persistent, damn
Never mess with the system, oh!

Too late and Ima just be myself
Cause Ima go getter never stop this dreaming and we go....

[Verse 2]

Check it when I say Hi to him, coming back around next week
When I drank a lot of gin, haven’t really even slept in days
Been running around tryna collect some pay
Avoiding all this competitive hate
Gotta make sure no taking from the plate

Gotta make sure just to vacate
Bitches gotta be real fine
2 oclock so I be sublime
Jumped on that pussy and claimed it's mine
Keyboard dash with the electric on
Tired as fuck but my place is warm
Just did what I had to do and never regret, always respect those that had paved the way for my upbringing
This feeling I get, when the skys the limit
Don’t need to act grown up, hold up, bitch you can suck my whole nut, don’t really give a fuck
I take my advice but I gotta uplift
Kick it a bit and be less stiff

Gotta copy of Ace's tape
Played that shit till the day break

Don’t really know what else to do
Fucked around too much at school
Stacy ain't picking up her fone
Acting like Kat Stacks all alone

Up for some early recreation
But then I got an altercation
Between me and my occupation
Got me feeling like a mental patient

Too late and Ima just be myself
Cause Ima go getter never stop this dreaming and we go....

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