Devin The Dude – Just a Man Lyrics

Produced By: Raphael Saadiq

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[Hook: Devin the Dude] + (Raphael Saadiq)
You see I'm just a man
I try to do all that I can
Don't know why you don't understand
The situations I be in
(There may have been other
Undercover secret lovers)
But you're my main thang
(You're my main thang)

[Verse One: Raphael Saadiq]
I've been tryin' to
Figure this out
What's this all about
All we do is fight, scream and shout
There's been days
That I lied to you
And you lied to me too
Once again
You don't trust me
I know you can
I'm not worthy of you now
I'm not worthy
But I think we've come to far
Girl you know
They don't like it
But shit is workin' out
You're my main thang
We'll make it work somehow


[Verse Two: Devin the Dude]
I can't lie
I did cheat
But baby why
Should I beat my meat?
When there's freaks for weeks in my type of work
You know I love you girl
But see I like to flirt
With these real fine bitches
I give 'em what they want
And they can feel like nine inches
But I apologize for thighs I've been between
Cause yours is like dope and I'm just a fiend
There may have been others but none like you
So to get my shit together here's what I'm gonna do
All that I can
I'm your man and you're my woman
So don't treat it like an omen
I know men
Been tryin' to do their best
Just to get with ya
But you need to take heed and see the big picture
That I really wanna be here witcha
Cause girl
(You're my main thang)


[Verse Three: Raphael Saadiq]
What's been said and done
It was all my fault
I guess I never thought
That you would ever put me out
Now I'm tryin' to
Walk the line for you
That's what I wanna do
No I wasn't true, yeah
Tell me when
When can I talk to you
Show me how I can make it right
You know it really wasn't worth it
The positions wasn't right

(There may have been other
Undercover secret lovers)
But you're my main thang
(You're my main thang)
(There may have been other
Undercover secret lovers)
But you're my main thang
(You're my main thang)

[Verse Four: Devin the Dude]
Girl I know you been hurt in the past
But that was before I knew that my dirt wouldn't last
I had time to think
I had to cry in my drink
Before I finally realized that I was to blame
It's hard to eat without ya
Can't sleep without ya
When I'm rollin' a sweet I even think about ya
So clear your mind from those private dancers
If anybody asks ya, you tell them who your man is


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