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DS 3 Intro (feat. Dilated Peoples)
[Verse 1: Evidence]
Old Weapons, hit hard like analog
Strapped up, orange hats and camofluage
Three is the magic number, this is the third version
I cock the hammer back and set the season off
It’s daylight, can tell they duds
When we hunt, its rifles from Elmer Fudd
Once the night comes, I just might light it up
Since day one, they’ve been waiting on us
Snipe and duck
[Verse 2: Rakaa Iriscience]
Duck season time to skewer them, cure them
Hunting grounds around the world, we’re sure to tour them
Dilated Junkie, the pure, you can check the score
Keep supporting mom and pop record stores with Rakaa
Hip-hop propaganda proper, microphone in my left, right hand’s a chopper
Babu slices the hunting, he’s armed to the teeth
All you Need, this is only volume three
Of Duck Season...

(Now tell me, just between the two of us, what season is it really?
Heh, Heh, Don’t be so naive buster, why everybody knows it’s really Duck Season!)

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