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[Hook: Miss Asiah]
I'm gonna miss you Screw
I'm gonna miss you Screw
I'm gonna miss you Screw

And it's coming from that Big Tyme crew

[Ronnie Spencer]
Hey fellas yeah, I don't know what I'm gonna do
Now I can't live my life, without you Screw

And everytime, I'm flipping down the Avenue
I see that bubble gum Impala, coming through
And I know, it's DJ Screw

Even though you made it, you made it
You always kept it real


[Ronnie Spencer]
It was bad enough, when someone stole my Screw tape
Oh I was devastated

What I'm trying to say, what I'm trying to say
Oh you really will be missed, until I see you again one day
Until I see you Screw
Even though, you made it
You always kept it real, keep it real Screw

[Hook - 3x]

(Ronnie Spencer)
Big Tyme, Big Tyme
Yeah, gonna miss you baby
And everybody, everybody gon' miss you baby
Yeah yeah

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