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Produced By: Dart La

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[DMX] Uh!

Cause it's all (grrr!) goin on, in my life

[DMX] Earl Simmons AKA the dawg gettin down for real and goin hard
[Chi] Cause it's all, goin on, in my life
[DMX] This is my life and I'm livin it how I wanna live it
Motherfuckers won't you fuckin come and get it (Come on!!!)
[Chi] Cause it's all, goin on, in my life
[DMX] Check it out yo, give me at least three feet
Or end up stinkin leakin in the street (What!!!)
[Chi] Cause it's all, goin on, in my life
[DMX] I wanna be able to teach you blood
Wanna be able to sit down and eat with you cuz (Uh!)
[Chi] Cause it's all, goin on, in my life
[DMX] I go through what I go through so you don't have to
You should be glad to have the worst statute
[Chi] Cause it's all (Get up!!!) goin on, in my life
[DMX] There it is my dreams my fears
My words that constantly fall on deaf ears (What!!!)
[Chi] Cause it's all, goin on, in my life
[DMX] Forgive me father for I have sinned (Yeah)
Clense my soul I'm ready to win let's begin (Please!!!)
[Chi] Cause it's all, goin on, in my life
[DMX] Please give me the strength to rebuke the devil
Give me the speech show the word that's heard on all levels (Aight!)

[Chinky] + (DMX)
Cause it's all (Cause it's all) goin on (What's goin on!) in my life
(This is my life!!! This is my life!!!)
Cause it's all (Cause it's all!) goin on (What's goin on) in my life
(In my life! This is my life!)

[Chinky] Oooh oooh oooh!

[DMX] Life of mine, live in the life of crime
That's what's up baby, ain't nothin fake about this
It's my motherfuckin life!

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