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All you funny style new bitches
Y'all break out when the heat come down the pipe
Knaw'm'sayin'? I fuck with the real bitches that's there when the nigga--
Y'knaw'mean? When I just need that phone call
When she can see it in my eyes like, fuck what I'm sayin', I'm fucked up
You see there? You know what I'm saying that's--
She got a nigga back, man
All that other shit: that's that 2010 love, you bitches is new bitches, y'knaw'mean?
We, we talking about-- We talking about, the ones that really know what love is like
Fuck the exterior, know a nigga heart
Know the content of my heart
She got a nigga back, man

Fuck the new bitches
We talking about the true bitches

Yeah, X said it: fuck the new bitches
We talking about the true bitches
You bitches finding out how to love from reading Essence magazine and shit
Fuck outta here, man
You ain't gonna find love in them pages
It's acting

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