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Aaaah, this is one of them songs
You can kick back and smoke a joint to
And get real fucked up
I like to dedicate this one to all the lovely young ladies out there
Oh me? I'm Eazy E, alias A Whole Taming Motherfucker
And I want all you ladies to know something...

I'd rather fuck with you all goddamn night
Cause your pussy's good
Now I'm fucking all your friends
Cause you ran your mouth like I knew you would
You were bragging to your friends
Saying "Eazy E knows how to fuck"

So bring your ass in here and give me some
So I can bust a but
(go on and sing that shit)

I'd rather fuck you, yeah (said I'd rather fuck with you) [x2]

I'd rather fuck with you
Cause I like the way you scream my name
I know you like this dick
Cause you enjoy the pleasure and pain
Now I'm riding on this pussy here
And I'm not gonna stop (I'm not gonna stop bitch)
We can do it doggy style
And you can get on top (sing this motherfucker)


Whoo boy, I'd rather fuck with you, yeah (sing that song bitch)
I need you baby, whoo, I'd rather fuck you, I'd rather fuck with you

I'd rather fuck with you
Cause the other bitches wanna wine and dine (fuck all that)

I better hurry up and bust a nut
Cause it's check-out time

She said she wanted me to eat the pussy
Well I think I'll pass (I don't think so)
So get your ass up you funky bitch
And wash your ass (sing this motherfucking shit)

[Hook till fade out]

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