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Is it, is it recording, oh, uh, yeah (clears throat)
Uh, this is the interlude, and ummmm
I probably should've practiced what to say
Ummm, yeah, umm in case you didn't know, um
I am Einstein, that is my name
And um, I'm gonna be doing a track for the interlu-
Oh, okay, you can just start it real quick, um, yeah
I'm just gonna freestyle, I guess
Im just sitting her, but um, look
I be like

I'm a moonwalking paradox, no I'm not
I'm walking around in a black pair of socks
With some Adidas flip flops, and some basketball shorts
With a short-sleeved shirt, 'cuz today was hot

I'm still rocking the fitted cap back
And I don't like to follow crowds
So I ain't rocking a snapback
I'm a trendsetter known to make the trends better

Hotter than rocking a Christmas sweater in Hell's weather
She said she wanted 69, I told her 68
Blow me and I'll owe you one, 'cuz honey, I already ate

They'll take me dead or alive, so
For the time being I'll just swallow my pride, yeah

Oh, this is the interlude
And I.... don't.... really.... know..... what.. to.. say
I should probably go into the next track, and stop stalling
Yeah, um yeah

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