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I'm known to let it go
But I'm bringing it back to show you how it's done
I'm legendary, I put fear in the older ones
Iconic rapper when I step up on the campus
A.K.A. making out with your favorite actress
Owww, I'm the mixtape murderer
I don't like none of you clowns: Hamburgalar
Oh, that's yo girl? Well I ain't never heard of her
Probably 'cuz she's bust down like some bad furniture

Going King Kong and this beat is bananas
I don't give a damn if you moonwalk, I'm stepping on planets
I'm Godsent, boy I'm feeling so charismatic
I'm ballin' like the SuperBowl including the moment with Janet
Boy I'm feeling like the Jackson Five
I keep it one hundred, Jackson's five
I'm running out of breath, let me keep it simple

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