Eli Prince – Strada Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Eli Prince]

Cruising on an alligator
While abandoned all these calculators
Calculated disses i’m spittin to resurrect greatest
These baby grows
This baby flows
Like kindergarten
Hardened up by life’s rounds
So pipe down
You rife clown
I resemble a villain
From the comic book realm
Pissin on your teaspoon
Goon using these tunes
To tame the baffoons
One porta-loo on the moon

[Verse 2: Eli Prince]

Lil mami got joint lit
With the homies making way up to the function
Boom boom
The drums meeting the truncheon
Sanction visits to the
Visionless limit of the injunction
Goats riding a coach
With a fat roach
Of potent Amsterdam hoping

Rock the boat rock the boat slowly

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