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All the way down (down)
I can make your love come down (come down)
All the way down (down)
I will make your love come down (come down)

Ha ha

[Verse 1]
Well come on down
Bob Barker bars

Back up in the spot
Like when you park a car

I heard she good
I like chocolate bars

I climb them walls like I'm Peter Parker ma'
I'm in the spider
Yeah, the Peter Parker car
Grey with the black top
Like Sharpie markers are
Hating on a brother
Go ahead Obama me
(Go Ahead)
Cause' my bitch is badder than the economy (Wooh)
Shit, it just dawned on me
All of ya'll should honor me
They been off you
Ever since they caught on to me
Follow him on Twitter
I heard he's funny

Diddy tell em' what it is

[Sample: Jay-Z]
Show em' how to move in a
Show em' how to move in a
Show em' how to move in a
Show em' how to
Show em' how to
Show em' how to move in a
Show em' how to move in a
Show em' how to move in a room full of roaches


Ha ha

[Verse 2]
Fidda didda damn
We the team of choice
Welcome to the fraternity
Morgan Freeman voice

You get it how you live
You automatically in
Bitch, if money talks
Let the chatter begin
They know me for nice cars
That I'll be in
And bringing bad girls to the club
No Natalie chin

This is family
No outside interference
I'm a son of a gun
Who wanna meet the parents? (Huh?)

I bring my loved ones round
Shorty give it up
Till' the love come down

Drop to her knees
Love come down
Can't blame me if I fall in love somehow (NICE)

[Sample: Jay-Z]


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