Fabolous – Welcome to my Workplace Lyrics

Produced By: LV & Sean C

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Welcome to my Workplace
This is my "Get Ya Ass Back To Work" face
Bedroom storage, kitchen workspace
Stick a finger in the pot, see how the work taste
Call it Rock Candy

When you bake cakes, you keep Betty Crock' handy
They say it's best from scratch, fresh new batch
Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'?
Wrestling match
1, 2, 3, ding!
We put it in the microwave, not the ring
The Vince McMahon of brick weighing
Make a wall outta them shits, brick laying
The apartments thicker than a fart sent
Like walking in Bloomingdales fragrance department
You smell fumes, from hells tomb

Then it gets moved to the back mail room
That's where it's packaged to deliver
All through the city, and right across the river
Welcome to my workplace
Better than McCartney with the Beatles when I work bass
Get it in, get it out, steady work pace
Last time it was tested, my work aced it
Dude I can't feel my faced it

Sat back like I am wasted
The J.P. Morgan of the coke business
Your moneys funny and I ain't in the joke business
Hi and bye on the phone, I never spoke business
What the fuck I do ain't these folks business
Bitches half-naked, niggas fully loaded
Speaks for itself, don't even gotta promote it
This that Loso's Way
Everybody want that Loso's Way

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