Fat Trel – Russian Roulette Lyrics

Produced By: Lex Luger

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[Hook: Chief Keef x2]

I got money, I got power, got respect with this tech
My niggas out here wilding playing Russian Roulette
My niggas out here wilding playing Russian Roulette
Russian Roulette, with niggas' heads

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I got money, I got power, got respect with this tech
My niggas out here wilding, you could duck or get wet
From Chiraq to DC, boy, we gang bang, throwing sets
About Glory Boyz and Slutty Boyz they say this and that
But Chief Sosa and Fat Trel shooters gone handle that
It ain't nothing, bitch we bucking; light it up, candle that
We turn nothing into something, get that check, ran through that
I be shitting on them bitches, like where my manners at?
I be in my fucking glory shining just like my watch
I be pulling up and pulling off in them foreign cars
I give that bitch a name if she talking porn star
And we got these bitches boppy, GBE full of stock

[Hook: Chief Keef x2]

[Verse 2: Fat Trel]

Well, I got money, I got power, just got rid of my tech
Cause that bitch had too many bodies, just re'd up in Van Ness

“I got my niggas outchea wilding, 223 eat through vests
UUV hit your block, yellow tape on deck
Police investigate, my shit say heavy weight
I'm a walking grenade; I play with Tommies for days
I got work and it's twerking; I fuck your wifey on purpose
I'm a Slutty Boy; my Glory boy just smoke purple perfect
I'm in Chiraq flirting with these chickens from Church's
These niggas pockets is hurting; heard you niggas was nervous
I'm from D-dot-C; you know my shit say SB
Fucking with GBE, so how you niggas gone eat?

[Hook: Chief Keef x2]

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