Fat Trel – SB Ohhh Lyrics

Produced By: 12 Hunna

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[Hook: Fat Trel]
That's SB ohhh, she sucking dick like she grown
Gave me head on the way, Too $hort
When I asked to fuck, she say "no"
I said "Bitch, you do, I owe"
On the way, you could take me home
And if you do, boo, leave me 'lone
Ain't sucking no dick, go home (x10)

[Verse 1: Ricky Hil]
It's SB-SB ohhh, I keep her for her throat
I keep her for her neck, I'm tatted on my neck
I just want her mouth, I kick her out my house
She suck it all slop, I don't give 'em props
That's SB ohhh, I'mma stress these hoes
Here fucking reffin' these hoes
I never get anything less from these hoes
I just fuck with 'em, blow a smoke, and then my o's
Ricky in the hills, bitches on my heels
Ricky on the pills, bitches give me chills

She could suck my friends, fucking on the furniture
She fucking all my friends while I'm fucking on the furniture


[Verse 2: Fat Trel]
That's SB-SB ohhh, she sucking dick like a pro
I heard she fucked my bro, she sucking dick for bankrolls
I still can't leave her 'lone, I hate to see her go
My friend the liquor store, her friend say "okay, oh"
We fucking like we grown, my mama say I'm wrong
But my daddy say I'm right, so I fuck the pussy open all night
I drink the pink Sprite, y'all niggas can't live my life
Nigga, all I fuck is hoes, real nigga can't have no wife
Play wit' me and I take yo' life, I be high as a kite
I be tired as hell but my dick like "He aiight"
Play wit' me and I take yo' life, I be high as a kite
I be tired as hell but my dick like "He aiight", so I say


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